Disposable Bouffant Cap, Blue 21″ or 24″ Inch

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Our premium-quality disposable bouffant caps (or bouffant hair nets) are designed to provide full hair coverage. The round surgical bouffant cap is lightweight and comfortable. Polypropylene Bouffant caps are designed to contain head hair.
1,000 caps per box.
  • Available in blue - 24" or 21".
  • Helps maintain clean, sanitary operations.
  • Made of breathable, spun-bound polypropylene for optimal comfort and ventilation.
  • Keeps hair away from your face and work. Accepted by AIB International as a means of hair restraint.
  • Latex-free elastic headband provides snug fit while working.
  • Satisfies FDA Food Code guidelines (2-402.11) for preventing hair from contacting exposed food.